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See examples translated by single moms 2 examples with alignment. See examples translated by Spinsters 8 examples with alignment. Sabemos que vive con tres mujeres solteras.

Es difícil conocer a mujeres solteras. It's hard to meet single women. Aparentemente, el proyecto excluye a las mujeres solteras del proceso de selección. The draft seemingly excludes unmarried women from the selection process. En todos los sistemas jurídicos, las mujeres solteras gozan sin restricción de sus derechos civiles.

Translation of "mujeres solteras" in English

Under all the legal systems, unmarried women enjoyed their civil rights without restriction. Solo un puñado de atractivas mujeres solteras , bailando, no bebiendo. Just a bunch of attractive, single ladies Porque hay tantas mujeres solteras desesperadas por algo así. Puedo mostrarle los mejores lugares para encontrar mujeres solteras. I can show you all the best places to pick up single women.

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Es difícil encontrar mujeres solteras en esta iglesia. V ery fe w unmarried women us e cont race pt ives procured [ Member States shall also take into account the specific.

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Mujeres solteras o si n pareja masculina [ Sin gle women or women wi tho ut a ma le partner [ L a s mujeres solteras d i sf rutan de todos [ Unmarri ed women ha d f ull lega l rights [ Power Act, which had abolished the common law principle of marital power and given spouses married in community of property an equal right to dispose of their joint assets.

According to HUD, the average borrower in was 74 years old, nearly Me preocupa mucho las inquietantes informaciones sobre la detención por parte. I am very concerned by the disturbing reports of the arrests. Often, societies have different standards for men than for women, tolerating or. Se sabe relativamente muy poco acerca de las necesidades. Guard ia nshi p of unmarri ed women wa s a cu ltura l practice [ Maternity benefit is awarded for a maximum of 28 weeks, or 37 weeks for women who have given.

Puede que haya actitudes culturales o religiosas que lleven a los proveedores a dudar en proporcionar. L a s mujeres solteras: America n women a re d elay in g marriage [ The birth r at e fo r unmarr ie d women d ro pped alm os t 2 percent [ L a s mujeres solteras , d iv orciadas o viudas pueden acabar [ Single, divor c ed or wi dow ed women ca n e nd up de pe ndent [ Asimismo, debido a que la mayor parte de los embarazos en.

Also, because most fertility in Guatemala occurs within marriage, out-of-wedlock childbearing is. El LLP seguía colaborando con otras partes interesadas para eliminar la pobreza. The LLP continued to work in collaboration with other stakeholders to.

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Translations into more languages in the bab. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. EN single woman spinster bachelorette single singleton. When a woman remains single , in her "gift of self as sister" by means of apostolic commitment or generous dedication to neighbour, she develops a particular spiritual motherhood. Context sentences Context sentences for "soltera" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.